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One should always be in love. . .

. . .That is the reason one should never marry.

24 September 1980
I finished getting my Master's degree in Literature at Claremont Graduate University this past May, and now I have moved out of SoCal and back to Northern Cali, specifically, San Mateo. I'm getting ready to start a new job at a PR firm in a week or so. Other random facts: I have lots of tattoos. I do some crazy shit with my hair. I like to kareoke, and I don't even have to be drunk. I put spaces in between the periods in my ellipses. I believe honesty is the most important thing in any relationship. Unlike most people my age, I don't need a significant other to leech onto to be ridiculously happy with my life. People say that I write so neatly, it looks like computer font. Oh, and I HATE Dave Matthews Band. Seriously. I have to turn the channel every time they come on the radio.
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