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October 2006
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the_great_chase [userpic]
26 feels alot like 25. . .

So, today is my 26th birthday. Hooray for me and all that jazz. I'm at my parents house (slept over last night) and we had the presents/cake shindig yesterday evening. . .got my ipod, which I've been wanting! Yay! And it's green, mon couleur favorite!! Loving it. I think it's hilarious that I have an ipod now, but my ghetto-ass computer is still running Windows 98, so it's completely incompatible. Eventually, when I get a new computer, I'm sure I'll love my ipod even more. :)

While it's nice to be with my family, I have to say, I really miss spending my birthday with my friends in Southern Cal. Last year I got kidnapped and wound up at a divey gay karaoke bar in Pasadena, which was a blast. . .then the next night got plastered in Vegas and failed at all attempts to hold down both solids and liquids. I love my friends. . .and I miss them.

I do, however, love my new apartment and living in San Mateo. Gorgeous weather. . .clean air!! I had almost forgotten what that was like!! The apartment is small (a studio) but it's rather cozy, I think. The cat likes it. He likes to sit on the windowsill (I'm on the 8th floor) and watch the specks of cars and people below. And after 3 days of dealing with fucking idiot installers from Comcast, I finally got my internet and cable hooked up yesterday (but they say that this is a "temporary connection" and that they'll have to come back later and make it permanent.) This is the reason my parents ditched their Comcast a while back and switched to Direct TV. I wish I could, but when you live in an apartment building, you're at the mercy of their cable service provider. *Growl*

On an unrelated note, I took some great photos of the AFI concert I went to a week ago. . .oh, Davey Havok, you are gorgeous and you know it. I'll post them on Flickr sometime this week.

And finally, I begin my new job in PR tomorrow (woohoo!!) I'm excited to start something new. . .and to finally be earning a living wage. It doesn't take much to please me, really.