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October 2006
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the_great_chase [userpic]
Generosity and Cardboard Boxes

I'm getting ready to move here in a few days. . .and my apartment is an absolute sea of cardboard boxes. Plus, all the uprooting I'm doing is causing major allergy attacks. . .which suck. Last night I basically sneezed myself to sleep. Charming, I know. Anyway, I'm doing pretty well on packing. . .but shit, I have a lot of stuff. And a lot of it is being donated to the Salvation Army, including some large items, like my couch and loveseat, my huge desk (no room for it in the new place) and a ton of boxes full of things I just don't need anymore. It's pretty sad, but I can't wait for them to come with their big ol' truck today (between the hours of 1pm and 4pm, they say) to haul everything away. Then at least I'll have more room to stack the boxes of stuff I am taking with me. Right now every step is akin to navigating my way through the Labyrinth. . .but, sadly, with no David Bowie and his manly bulge.

I am excited to move, and really the only main things I'm going to miss about SoCal are my friends and Disneyland. (Sounds lame, I know, but seriously. . .I'm an addict. I'm already sad that I won't have time to go there one last time before I leave.) My co-workers at Glen Ivy were (are!) such a huge part of my life now. . .it's going to be sad not to see them every day. Their kindness and generosity blows me away. On my last day of work, they came into the break room where I was sitting and had this huge box all wrapped up. . .when I opened it, it was a KITCHEN AID MIXER, something I've wanted since I was 15. They had all pitched in to buy one for me. . .and I was floored. It was so sweet of all of them. That night, we all went out to BJ's and had one last hurrah. Looking down the table , I realized how much I was going to miss all of them; they've truly changed my life for the better.

Well, I suppose I should get back to packing. I wanted to take a break, though, 'cause I realized I hadn't updated this in a while. I'm officially moving this Saturday, so it may be awhile before I post again (it depends on when I get internet service hooked up at my house.) Until then. . .take care, and I'll be sure to update as soon as I can!

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