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Shhhhhh. . .
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. . .the zombies are coming.

Happy Halloween!

So a few days ago I did something I said I'd never do.

No, I did not fuck a Republican. That's something I'd NEVER do.

I re-joined MySpace.

One can't stay off the crack forever, I suppose. But I do have a valid reason for rekindling my addiction.

I loove my new apartment. My new job is cool, but super busy. And while I don't necessarily miss Southern Cal, I truly miss the friends I made there. I miss them all, but mainly the girls (and boy) I worked with at Glen Ivy. There's something so comfortable about being in a place where you can totally be yourself. At my new job, I'm so busy I don't have time to meet new people or talk to anyone, really. . .and it hit me the other day: These people have absolutely no idea who I am. They don't know that I curse like a sailor, I can do a killer Cher impression, and that outside of work I don't look like a walking ad for Banana Republic. It always sucks to be the new person, no matter where you go. . .and this is no exception. I miss my girls from SoCal. And MySpace gives me a way to see them and feel connected with them even though we're far apart.

That's my reason, and I'm sticking to it.

I love you guys. :)

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So I finally got a few pictures of the AFI concert on Flickr. . .go by there and check 'em out. There are also some cute new ones of Mr. Po as I have taken to calling him (that's Napoleon, my cat, to the layperson.)

Today I had my second day of work, and it's pretty cool. . .it's so refreshing to be in a place where you're appreciated, and you're on salary so they don't track your every minute with a timecard, and you get to dress like an adult (I'm becoming increasingly fond of "business casual". . .it gives me a reason to look decent.) Everything is pretty overwhelming at this point, but I know that once I get the hang of it, I'll enjoy it even more.

This has to be a short post, since my apartment looks like a bomb went off in it (still unpacking!) but I'll try to write more later this week.

So, today is my 26th birthday. Hooray for me and all that jazz. I'm at my parents house (slept over last night) and we had the presents/cake shindig yesterday evening. . .got my ipod, which I've been wanting! Yay! And it's green, mon couleur favorite!! Loving it. I think it's hilarious that I have an ipod now, but my ghetto-ass computer is still running Windows 98, so it's completely incompatible. Eventually, when I get a new computer, I'm sure I'll love my ipod even more. :)

While it's nice to be with my family, I have to say, I really miss spending my birthday with my friends in Southern Cal. Last year I got kidnapped and wound up at a divey gay karaoke bar in Pasadena, which was a blast. . .then the next night got plastered in Vegas and failed at all attempts to hold down both solids and liquids. I love my friends. . .and I miss them.

I do, however, love my new apartment and living in San Mateo. Gorgeous weather. . .clean air!! I had almost forgotten what that was like!! The apartment is small (a studio) but it's rather cozy, I think. The cat likes it. He likes to sit on the windowsill (I'm on the 8th floor) and watch the specks of cars and people below. And after 3 days of dealing with fucking idiot installers from Comcast, I finally got my internet and cable hooked up yesterday (but they say that this is a "temporary connection" and that they'll have to come back later and make it permanent.) This is the reason my parents ditched their Comcast a while back and switched to Direct TV. I wish I could, but when you live in an apartment building, you're at the mercy of their cable service provider. *Growl*

On an unrelated note, I took some great photos of the AFI concert I went to a week ago. . .oh, Davey Havok, you are gorgeous and you know it. I'll post them on Flickr sometime this week.

And finally, I begin my new job in PR tomorrow (woohoo!!) I'm excited to start something new. . .and to finally be earning a living wage. It doesn't take much to please me, really.

I'm getting ready to move here in a few days. . .and my apartment is an absolute sea of cardboard boxes. Plus, all the uprooting I'm doing is causing major allergy attacks. . .which suck. Last night I basically sneezed myself to sleep. Charming, I know. Anyway, I'm doing pretty well on packing. . .but shit, I have a lot of stuff. And a lot of it is being donated to the Salvation Army, including some large items, like my couch and loveseat, my huge desk (no room for it in the new place) and a ton of boxes full of things I just don't need anymore. It's pretty sad, but I can't wait for them to come with their big ol' truck today (between the hours of 1pm and 4pm, they say) to haul everything away. Then at least I'll have more room to stack the boxes of stuff I am taking with me. Right now every step is akin to navigating my way through the Labyrinth. . .but, sadly, with no David Bowie and his manly bulge.

I am excited to move, and really the only main things I'm going to miss about SoCal are my friends and Disneyland. (Sounds lame, I know, but seriously. . .I'm an addict. I'm already sad that I won't have time to go there one last time before I leave.) My co-workers at Glen Ivy were (are!) such a huge part of my life now. . .it's going to be sad not to see them every day. Their kindness and generosity blows me away. On my last day of work, they came into the break room where I was sitting and had this huge box all wrapped up. . .when I opened it, it was a KITCHEN AID MIXER, something I've wanted since I was 15. They had all pitched in to buy one for me. . .and I was floored. It was so sweet of all of them. That night, we all went out to BJ's and had one last hurrah. Looking down the table , I realized how much I was going to miss all of them; they've truly changed my life for the better.

Well, I suppose I should get back to packing. I wanted to take a break, though, 'cause I realized I hadn't updated this in a while. I'm officially moving this Saturday, so it may be awhile before I post again (it depends on when I get internet service hooked up at my house.) Until then. . .take care, and I'll be sure to update as soon as I can!

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So, remember that job opportunity I told you about a few weeks ago? The one that would require me to leave the IE and migrate back to the homeland, a.k.a. the Great North? Well, I GOT IT!!!! Soooooooo excited. Seriously. It was a blur of phone interviews and nail-biting for two weeks, but I'm thrilled. It's for a company called A&R Edelman, an independent public relations firm in San Mateo that has large accounts for companies like Mozilla, Palm, and Adobe, to name a few. I will be working on the Adobe Digital Video Web team. It's perfect, really, because I'll be doing PR while also learning about these newfangled computer programs that all the hip kids are using. The same ones that I can't run on my home computer, since I'm an old-skooler and still running Windows 98 thanks to my broken CD-ROM drive.

Anyway, I went apartment hunting last weekend and found a gorgeous little studio literally a block from my work in San Mateo (I'm going to WALK to work every morning; how fabulous is that?!?!?) I'm on the 8th floor with a view of the San Mateo hills. . .and while the apartment is pretty dang small (a downgrade in space, but an upgrade in price. . .that's the Bay Area for you,) I'm still super excited about it. When I traveled back to the North this past weekend to visit my family, I realized just how much of a NorCal chick I truly am. Call me crazy. . .but I just really enjoy clean air. And normal traffic. Among other things. I look forward to hanging out with some old friends as well as taking trips into SF for exploration and getting lost on purpose. I could really use a trip to Golden Gate Park, now that I think about it. . .I miss the gardens and museums too.

This, of course, means that I will be departing from the IE in a matter of weeks (about 2, actually.) My last day at Glen Ivy is Sept. 7 (HALLEFUCKINGLUJAH!!) and I move on the 16th. I started packing today. . .took most of my wall decorations down and the place is already looking bare. Napoleon is enjoying climbing in and out of the half-filled cardboard boxes scattered around the living room. Maybe he'll finally tire himself out. But I doubt it.

Going through all of my things, I've been finding things that make me smile (a photo album of my debauched 25th birthday celebration in Vegas from last year) and things that I throw away (pretty much anything to do with my ex.) Just looking at the pictures of us reminds me of how he's now dating some jailbait dumb-ass that he probably thinks he'll marry, in his ridiculous naivete. I used to be okay with him, but now seeing pictures of him just irritates me. He was so young and stupid. . .and I was with him for way, way too long, making me stupid by association.

Not like I have any money right now (yeah, so how much does it fucking SUCK to pay $500 for a moving van and shit??), but I'm already thinking. . .new apartment means. . . new decorating options!! I have to go for a more subdued vibe; I'm thinking of getting some new bedding, and making my favorite framed pictures into black and whites, so that there's a unified theme in the place. . .now that my living space is just going to be one big room, things have to match. Kinda. I still won't give up my super-awesome collection of "Alice in Wonderland" prints.

All in all, I'm excited to begin this new chapter in my life. . .I have become a different (and better) person through my time in Southern California, and I wouldn't change it for anything. . .but I also know that new adventures wait for me up North, and I embrace whatever life has in store for me. . .

. . .like it or not, you'll hear all about it. :)

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Originally uploaded by StaceChase.
This week has been nuts. . . just really busy at work and the computer system kept crashing, which made things even harder. . .today is my much-needed day off. Woke up pseudo-early this morning and met Jeff in the village for hot chocolate and catching up. . .we hadn't talked in forever! We looked around the Claremont Farmer's Market and talked for awhile. . .then I came home and went back to bed for a bit, Napoleon curled up next to my head. . .I really like this picture of him under the covers. We were playing and he was all frisky (hence the dilated pupils). Straightened up the house, now I'm getting ready to hit Jenny O's birthday BBQ in a little bit. . .

My next day off is this Thursday, and I'm WAY excited, 'cause the Tiffster and I are going to Disneyland. . .it's been, like, what, 3 or 4 weeks since I've been? For shame! Then a week from today my buddy from work, Daniel, and I are going to hang out and cook. . .he wants to experience my famous almond parmesan chicken. . .and I can't say I blame him, really. It's good stuff.

I have another job prospect materializing, and I really want this one. . .but again, trying not to get my hopes up. . .it's back in the Bay Area, though, so if it works out I'll be leaving SoCal behind. As usual, I'll be keeping you updated on what materializes.

And finally (and most embarassingly), I'm currently jammin' to my "Hall and Oates Greatest Hits" CD. Lameness, I know. But I love it soooo much. :)

It's been about a week since this even occurred, yet I feel I must inform my tiny reading public about the craziness that is my life. Or, more specifically, the craziness that is my cat.

Last Tuesday night, I was cross-stitching (a new hobby that Alby taught me. . .but instead of stitching cute fluffy bunnies and hearts, we stitch things like "Life Sucks And Then You Die") and I set my needlework down for (no joke) about 20 seconds to go to the other room. I come back, and see Napoleon chewing on something. Now, this is not a new sight; he's always eating something he's not supposed to, and he chews on everything (including hair, tennis shoes, and the occasional rubber band.) I go to take whatever it is he's trying to ingest out of his mouth, and as I pry it open, I see the tail end of my SEWING NEEDLE. I start freaking out and try to grab it, but one swift gulp and the down it went. I FLIPPED. He goes into the kitchen and lays down, quite content with himself. I start calling the vet, and eventually get a hold of a place in Tustin (about an hour drive from my house) where they can do an intricate scoping procedure: they stick a camera down into poor anesthetized Napoleon's stomach and attempt to locate and remove the needle with a little claw instrument. I tell them I'll be there right away. This is around 7:30 PM.

I speed like a bat out of hell to Tustin, Napoleon in the backseat in his carrier meowing like the devil because he hates car rides. . .and in my perpetual 85 MPH zone, I reach Tustin in a half an hour. They check him in and after they take x-rays, they show me the picture of the needle in his stomach. I start to lose it and cry. . .I felt so damn stupid leaving that needle out, even for a moment. The doctor explains that they're going to try the scope, and if that doesn't work, they will have to open him up and do surgery, which scares me even more. "This will take about 2 hours," they say, "so you can go home if you'd like and we'll call you when we're done." By the time I would get back to Upland, it would be time to turn around and come back again. . .plus I can't bear the thought of leaving Napoleon. So I spent the next 3 hours sitting in the waiting room and relating Napoleon's latest adventure to friends and family outside on my cell. Eventually, the doctor comes out with a little plastic baggie containing. . .the needle (with blue thread still attached) that they were able to successfully retrieve out of Napoleon's stomach. The vet told me that he was doing well, although he was a bit loopy coming out of his anaesthesia and that he was "biting the doctors, "biting his own leg" (which they had to shave to put the IV in) and "biting at the air." Crazy bastard. I love him to death.

We eventually made out way home at around 1AM, $700 later (thank God for the AmEx with no limit.) he rubbed against my leg and purred incessantly, as if to say, "I don't know what I did wrong, woman, but I'll never do it again." In true Napoleon fashion, he slept on my head that night. . .my fluffy, heavy, purring orange hat.

The next day after hearing my story, Georgia gave me some sage advice: "Stacey, no matter HOW smart you think your cat is, don't EVER try and teach him to cross-stitch again!"

I think I'll follow that advice.

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Today, an over-zealous co-workier of mine basically told me I was going to hell for not believing that Jesus Christ is my savior. I'm still pondering this whole exchange. . .threw me for a loop, and I think I'll be stuck on the incredulity of it for quite awhile. Allow me to explain.

Another slow Sunday at Glen Ivy, and the girls and I start talking about religion. A friend of mine who's Catholic askes me what religion I am, and I tell her I'm an atheist. She looks like she's just seen a ghost. . .and tells me that she feels "sad" for me because technically if I don't believe in Jesus, I'm going to hell. I tell her that I think it's a shame that when she looks at me she's going to feel sadness, because I'm an upbeat person who loves life and is in no way sad. But I also tell her I respect her feelings. Okay, this was wierd, but this isn't the scenario that shocked me.

While we were talking, I happened to bring up the fact that while I don't believe in an afterlife of any kind, I do think that if there were one, I would be going to "heaven" simply because of the way I choose to conduct my life, aka the way I treat people, the kind person I am, etc. So. Then this girl from the next cubicle row over (who wasn't even a part of this convo, BTW) comes over to me with her Bible. Not kidding. She stands in front of me and proceeds to read me a verse that I can't understand. She finishes, cites the verse, and I say, "Uh. . .okay. . .and?" And she says, "The Bible says right there that your getting into heaven is not determined by your good deeds, but by your belief in Jesus Christ as your savior. He died on the cross for you, he shed his blood for you."

Naturally, we're all STUNNED. Everyone's jaws dropped. It was all I could do to repress the blood boiling inside me from this absolute blindsiding, and try to respond in a respectful yet firm tone.

I told her with a smile, "Well, I guess I'm going to hell then." And she said, "Well, not necessarily. . ." to which I replied, "Well, those are your beliefs, and I don't agree with them, but I'm also not going to force my beliefs down anyone's throat and I would appreciate it if you would do the same." She said, "Oh, I know, I just heard you talking earlier, and I wanted to correct you."


The office was in shock. My managers took me aside and told me that I handled things well and that they were going to talk to her about keeping her religious beliefs to herself and not forcing them on others. I'm still a bit baffled by the whole thing. I think that overall I'm just so amazed at people who can be this young (I think she's around my age or younger) who have literally been brainwashed into religious zealotry. Amazing. I can respect the fact that your beliefs are different from mine, but I would never belittle them or accuse you of being wrong about them. It's a sad state of affairs when such young, bright, talented people can be so corrupted. What a shame.

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Reaching Out
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Here's a sampling of the pictures I took at the DC concert this past Thursday night. As usual, Chris was fabulous and amazingly hot. Tommy and I had good seats; they were about 4 rows back and all the way to the right of the stage. The Gibson Ampitheatre didn't allow digital cameras in the venue, so I hid my camera in my cleavage again and smuggled it in. Tommy was impressed. . .I told him I'm all about form and function. :)

The openers for the show were Ben Lee (LOVE him) and Say Anything; the latter was not my cup of tea. Wait, I suppose I should revise that. . .the band itself had a unique sound (Tommy and I agreed on this) however their lead singer was atrocious and was trying way too hard. Plus his voice was like nails on a chalkboard.

I felt like I was at some high school assembly though; I was one of the oldest people in there, not counting the parents who were chaperoning large groups of squealing Abercrombie-clad girls. Damn you, Chris is MINE! :) At one point he told us the story of how he came up with the title track of the new album "Dusk and Summer" (which is, in my opinion, the best song on the album). . .he said he was almost done with the songs for the album, but he felt that something wasn't quite right. . .so he took his guitar onto the rooftop of his apartment building one night, and there were all these stars, and he began thinking, and playing. . .and out popped "Dusk and Summer."

Okay, can you BE any more of a sexy, brooding emo musician?!?!?! You're KILLING me with your hotness, Chris. Killing me. :)

Anyway, it was a great show, and Tommy and I didn't get home until 1 AM. . .then the next day he wanted to go to Disneyland, and who am I to say no?!? It was crazy hot, though, and busy. . .I should get used to it, though, cause Alby's coming for a visit this week and we're going again. . .but she's coming Tues-Thurs, so hopefully it'll be a little less busy. . .? I doubt it though.

Oh! And continuing my Stacey Summer Concert Series, yesterday I bought tickets for AFI at Long Beach Arena Sept. 15!!! Yessssss!!! Davey Havok. . .he's gay as a maypole, but I still want to jump him. :)

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